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Strategic Planning & Organizational Development

CP2 Consulting is a strategic planning and organizational development company that works with local governments to create and implement strategic plans that achieve measurable outcomes, preventing your plan from gathering dust on a shelf. We work with the organization, individual departments, and your staff to find common values and goals that move your organization forward.

CP2 Consulting was founded by Cory Poris Plasch, an experienced local government and 501(c)3 nonprofit leader passionate about helping the public sector and nonprofits achieve significant impact & results. Cory has a master’s degree in public administration with an emphasis on leadership and strategic management from Northern Illinois University. She has served in various leadership positions in the public and private sector, including Executive Director of the Wisconsin City/County Management Association, Membership Director for the Alliance for Innovation, and most recently as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at POLCO.

She has extensive experience working with both city and county government from her initial job as a 911 dispatcher through roles in the city manager’s office in Illinois communities. She speaks across the country on multiple topics affecting local governments and public sector organizations, like the use of data, civic engagement, engaging hard-to-reach populations, and innovation in local government.

CP2 consulting works with local governments, nonprofit organizations & community leaders to define, formulate and implement progressive, data-driven, and result-oriented strategic plans that drive big-impact results in the community. We pave the success of local governments and nonprofits by offering solutions to better engage community stakeholders, including communities of color and historically marginalized populations, in decisions that affect them and produce a positive change in society.

Our Vision

To improve quality of life through collaboration and the use of data, one community at a time.

Our Core Pillars

Engage: We work with all stakeholders, from organizational boards and staff to community leaders and residents, to understand community needs and chart strategic direction.

Improve: We leverage knowledge, experience, and community insights to develop meaningful values, exceptional organizational culture, and strategic goals that produce measurable outcomes.

Impact: We work with organizations at the local level because we believe this is where the biggest change can be made to make our communities a better place for all to live, work and play.

Our Approach

CP2 Consulting partners with local governments and nonprofits to provide strategic planning, implementation of strategic plans, and organizational development.  We help our clients focus on the most important priorities, make better decisions, and leverage data to think and act strategically. Clients find that our dedication to enhancing organizational agility and prioritization of resilience allows for the ability to navigate ever-changing circumstances while still achieving strategic results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help local governments and nonprofits positively impact their communities by incorporating meaningful engagement, collaborating to establish clear and achievable goals, implementing comprehensive strategies, and consistently analyzing results, to effect measurable change for communities.

Our Values

Our values are Service, Integrity, Creativity, Learning, and Respect. We value all individuals and believe that real change requires meaningful interactions with the full breadth of people impacted by an organization. We achieve the most when we fully understand the perspectives of all affected stakeholders.

We seek to work with clients who have (or desire to create) an organizational culture centered around integrity, respect, continual improvement, healthy communication, and meaningful engagement.