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Strategic Planning

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We turn your strategies into actionable plans that align available resources and capabilities with long-range goals.

As consultants that focus solely on serving local governments and nonprofits, we provide the customized support to allow you to reach goals, ensuring that your community grows and thrives. The CP2 Consulting strategic planning methodology is based upon leading practices in strategic planning, refined and continually updated based upon industry trends and knowledge gained through client engagements.  Organizational culture is a key component in meeting strategic goals, and we employ and promote strategies to create a Learning Culture, where growth, curiosity and authenticity prevail.  Our methodology is comprehensive and thorough, while remaining flexible enough to meet the specific needs of our clients.

1. Project Initiation

We work with organizational leaders to define a project plan that balances organizational needs with time and financial constraints. We ensure your project objectives incorporate desired stakeholder engagement and leverage our expertise to create a flexible and focused flow. We develop projects that reflect your vision for the future and a blueprint of the plan milestones that define project success.

2. Gather and Analyze Data

We leverage our expertise to provide stakeholder engagement that uncovers important insights into your current environment. Depending on your needs, we can conduct community surveys, internal stakeholder surveys, focus groups, town hall meetings and one-to-one interviews. We then provide in-depth analysis of all data collected to help you understand stakeholder priorities, both by data collection method and by themes seen collectively across stakeholder engagement methods. Results are delivered in person, complete with meaningful graphics to ensure the data is understandable and actionable.

3. Strategic planning retreat

We work with the board and leadership staff to develop a strategic plan that is both comprehensive and focused. Mission, vision and values are key to a cohesive strategy, and those will be reviewed and edited as needed. Using a data-based approach, we will collaboratively work with the board and leadership staff to determine strategic priorities and meaningful outcomes. We develop metrics to determine what success looks like, with an eye to measurable goals that capture progress.

4. Plan implementation

We bring all the tools and knowledge to execute your plans and ensure success. Our experts assist your organization to visualize your strategy and determine what initiatives are needed to achieve goals. We focus on building buy-in throughout the organization and cascading goals with an emphasis on line-of-sight: Employees throughout the organization can see how their actions feed into organizational priorities. Our process aligns your project KPIs and objectives to ensure that every department works towards in a complementary fashion as they achieve measurable progress towards common goals. We can help you track results using systems from spreadsheets to software, depending on your organizational preference.

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