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Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning services focus first on stakeholder engagement, ensuring that everyone that should be heard, is heard. Our President/CEO presents on stakeholder engagement at state, national, and international conferences, and shares how to engage historically marginalized communities, who often harbor distrust of government and quasi-governmental organizations. Data collection through multiple means ultimately leads to a strategic plan that staff and elected officials can be confident reflects the variety of perspectives found in their community, among their staff, and within their leadership.

Meeting Strategic Goals

Our company works with local governments and nonprofits to incorporate unique implementation solutions to meet their strategic goals and to make sure that those goals are understood and feel relevant for all staff, from leadership to front-line employees. Our clients find they can better respond and adapt to unpredictable changes if they have an implementation plan that encompasses all aspects of their strategic plan or organizational initiative.  The same solutions don’t fit every client, so we customize your experience to make sure that we incorporate your important stakeholders to achieve your strategic results.

Data-Driven Solutions

Our company provides data-based solutions that enable organizations to actively engage stakeholders, define future outcomes with significant impact and implement result-oriented strategies to meet those goals. We incorporate leading performance management practices to help our clients measure and analyze performance data and implement strategies to achieve the best results.

What is our data-based approach?

Data collection tools include surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, interviews, and more depending on client needs and what will optimize stakeholder response for each project. We collect comprehensive data prior to live sessions with our clients, which allows all individuals involved to have their views reflected and weighted equally.

Regardless of what group of stakeholders we work with, our process ensures that engagement is broad but the input is anonymous, and everyone’s responses are evaluated and considered equally.

Our consultants then focus on uncovering common themes in the data presented, allowing for comprehensive understanding of the different perspectives and priorities of all stakeholders.

The engagement, experience, and expertise provided by CP2 Consulting ensures that all voices are heard, and we customize our approach to each project to be inclusive of historically marginalized individuals and responsive to cultural needs. The resulting feedback reflects the perspectives and experiences, allowing for comprehensive data to be considered by the whole.

Why choose CP2 Consulting

We have a deep understanding of all aspects and facets of public sector and nonprofit organizations gained through experience working in a variety of roles in these sectors, from front-line workers to CAO.

From small municipalities to large county governments, we’ve seen how organizations operate internally from a variety of management and non-management positions within local government.  Our nonprofit experience is similarly broad, with experience in roles ranging from support through to the CAO position within 501(c)3 and 501(c)6 nonprofits.

We have industry-leading expertise in stakeholder engagement, including community engagements, internal stakeholders, and more. Our President/CEO Cory Poris Plasch is a well regarded and nationally recognized speaker on stakeholder engagement, having taught numerous workshops and presented countless sessions at state, national, and international conferences.  We regularly facilitate focus groups discussing difficult issues with many disparate voices and perspectives in a way that leads to constructive outcomes.

Our approach ensures a cycle of continuous improvement where strategies are planned, implemented, evaluated, improved, and monitored proactively.

Our solutions enable local governments and nonprofits to embrace internal and external change. We build consensus by increasing collaborative communication, feedback and interaction both functionally and personally within departments.

Our organization is skilled at working with the staff and elected boards in different government organizations to determine roles and structures, and to manage accountability.

At CP2, we ensure our solutions underscore the need for inclusivity within the organization. We work with core staff to establish priorities and employ leading performance management practices to cascade those priorities across the entire organization, establishing buy-in on goals so that everyone involved is included. We have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to support your government or nonprofit and to define the right approach that benefits your specific organizational culture.

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